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Our Past Projects

Country Year Project Details
Indonesia 1997 Tanjok Priok Port, Surabaya, Palembang
Thailand 1997 Fertilizer project for Pong Awn Fertilizer Pte Ltd.
Laos 1997 Vientien's Laos's casino project
Vietnam 1998 Sheraton Hotel Project
Philippines 1999 Manila Port, Cebu Port, Subic Port
Cargo Handling Project.
Singapore 2001 Importation of 7 Unit Saddle Crane from
Favelle Favco, Australia
India 2002 Chennai, Bangalore Highways Project.
Sri Lanka 2002 Sri Lankan Government's quarters in Galle, Sri Lanka.
Germany 2003, 2004 Powerplant Turbines and Transformers from Sweden
via Frankfurt Airport.
UAE 2004, 2005, 2006 Oil Tanker and VLCC movement from Dubai
to Various destination.
Malaysia 2007, 2008 Heavy lifting, transportation and barging for Tepat Tecnik (MMC) .
Involving P.D. Jimah Power Plant,Petronas Kerteh refinery,
Spangar Bay K.K